Welcome to my world drift excitement briliance my world

Hello, my name is
Jan-Eric Seeber,
and I’m a Drifter


The Cars



Nissan 370Z/Z34 Nismo
Fully FIA-caged
Cobra bucket seats
6-point harness
Fiberglass widebody kit
Macrolon windows
Custom built front/fack bash-bars


Bc Racing coilovers, true coilover conversion in the rear Partsshopmax steering angle kit Wisefab rear axle


2JZ ge VVTI forged built by DBM
Garret GTX3584 gen 2 turbo
Maxxecu ecu mapped for E85
650whp; 800nm
Custom Mishimoto intercooler
Custom oval exhausting system
Custom rear-mounted Mishimoto radiator setup
Oil cooler


3/350Z Brembo calipers
Z1 Motorsports brake discs
Hydraulic handbrake


Samsonas 4-speed sequential gearbox
Sachs twin plate clutch
Custom prop-shaft
Winters Quick Change differential
1200 Hp driveshaft

Mad Zed Training car


Some dents
Fully caged
Recaro bucket seats, 6-point harness


Bc Racing coilovers
GKTech Australia angle kit and suspension arms


VQ35 DE (base Engine)


Hydraulic handbrake


Welded differential


I was hugely influenced by my childhood.

Sitting in my Recaro baby seat with my plushie stuck into the rollcage above me.

My first motorsport experience
happened when I was around
3 years old
Attacking the infamous Nordschleife
in the passenger seat of my
Dad’s tracktool

I have done a small amount of karting as a kid but haven’t had the opportunity to compete.

But this is what I wanted to do!

So, I’ve been interested in cars and cars going sideways ever since, when I discovered tandem/battle drifting it completely fascinated me.

Drifting however is a motorsport that’s comparably still quite accessible.

As it happened, my first car had to have rear wheel drive, a Nissan 350Z to be exact.

With this car I had the opportunity of getting access to a closed off space, where I was able to explore drifting for myself.

Safe to say, I didn’t leave my car the whole day, except for fueling up, because I was absolutely hooked!

Then I proceeded to drive some more events in my street car – but before long a dedicated drifter was needed!

We stuck with Nissan Z-cars and got ourselves a crashed 370Z which we repaired and modified for drifting.

Since then I’ve been regularly driving
drift taxi at the Nürburgring driftday to hone my skills and started giving courses.

Next step was to enter the Drift.de German Drift competition in which I’ve achieved to become champion in the class for solo runs and in the following year, vice champion for the battle class. This also led to different engagements, for example at the Essen Motor Show doing show drives and exhibitions.

Meanwhile having the wish to compete on a higher level, go for Nürburgring Drift Cup and for international Competitions in Europe, we bought Calle Linnarssons 370Z in Sweden and gave that car an overhaul together with DBM Engineering in Netherlands, to ready it for today’s competitions.

To still be able to drive, expand my skills and keep drifting alive, we started the project “DTM Driftshow” together with German Drift-Legend Harald Müller.

It’s safe to say it’s been quite a big success, so the DTM will continue the shows with us.

Although our main focus still is competing on international level as soon as possible. And still we’re working hard together on our goal to be a participant in the Drift Masters European Championship in 2023/24.

It’s important to me to mention: it was extremely nice to see that we met a lot of interesting people and made great new friends along this journey making all the efforts worthwhile!

Without them and their never-ending support, or without my Family’s engagement, none of this would’ve been possible. Thank you all!

We’re on our way! If you like drifting – join us and stay with us, as a follower, supporter, or a friend. You’re welcome to!

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